Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tonight we attended a dance performance at Parker Hall at Woodstock. Father Saju George Moolamthuvuthil is a Jesuit priest and Bharatnatyam dancer who told stories of Jesus and Mary and Krishna in his dance performance. This was part of Indian Culture Week at Woodstock.  

I have never seen this style of dance. It is very expressive where every hand gesture, facial expression including eye movements, and posture are used to convey meaning. This was the third night of performance since Parker Hall cannot accommodate the entire school population. Oscar attended last night with his class, and tonight with us- he is out of the dorms for the weekend and with us, happy Mom and Dad. He said that tonight's performance was different than last night's. I found myself glancing at my watch during the first half of the show, but started to appreciate the athleticism and intricacies of this type of dance. It was not my favorite, but is was interesting.
The video is silent, but imagine indian music, singing in Hindi, and the jingle of the bells from around the dancer's ankles. I can't wait for Felix to begin his Indian drum (Tabla) lessons.

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  1. Hi Kerry! I'm officially your newest blog reader! I'm excited to follow along! Can't wait to hear more about Independence Day!