Friday, August 22, 2014

Gregg, the Giant Spider Slayer, and other bug adventures.

Yes, Gregg is my hero.  He kills the spiders for me.  Normally, I don't mind finding a flip flop and swatting a spider or bug, but when the width of the flip flop is about the width of the spider, I loose confidence in my aim.  Gregg had to get creative with the spider that managed to hide behind Zibby's wardrobe.  I saw him leaving the room with a walking stick.

I haven't yet identified this spider, but we, I mean Gregg, has killed at least 4 of them in our room.  Sorry I didn't stick my hand or foot in the photo to give you an idea of the size- think about a baseball to give you the width of the legs.
There is a tree just off of the path on our walk to school that is looking a little bare of leaves right now.  Not because of leaves, but because of caterpillars.  You can see one forming its chrysalis in the photo above, and a caterpillar.  The caterpillars are everywhere, they look black and spiky, but when you look closer, the are brown.  I haven't found a good resource to identify what moth or butterfly will emerge, but I'm sure we will get to witness them climbing from their chrysalises.  The other photo above, is a beetle we found on our porch.

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  1. Is that a "swear" beetle? If you stroke his back he makes a low squealing noise.