Saturday, August 16, 2014

Photos from a soggy Independence Day

The day before Independence Day, Woodstock began decorating the quad for the celebration lunch.  There was first plastic tarps hung, then the prettier white tent like ceiling.  There were also thousands of marigolds.  It was amazing to see all the flowers.

Our family dressed in our Salwar Kameez, and Kutas, then walked down to the flag raising ceremony.  Of course we have our umbrellas.

 The ceremony had music, a couple speeches, a poem, some dancing, and more music.  The Korean fan dance was by far our favorite.  (It was Korean Independence Day, also.)

 Toward the later half of the performances, mother nature let loose.  There was plenty of thunder and rain pounding down on the roof of the gym.  The walk down to the quad after the ceremony had us wondering about the plastic tarps holding out the rain in the quad.  As you might have guessed, they were not adequate to the task.  Have of the food vendors were in the process of moving into the dining room to escape the torrent of water.

 Despite mother nature, the feast did go on, and we enjoyed the food and conversation.

 The rain did let up for a while, but started in earnest again once it was time to walk home.  We missed our ride, so we did all get wet, and only suffered a few pouts from our children.

 Happy Independence Day, India.

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