Saturday, August 9, 2014

Soccer Follow-up

We've had a total of 3 practices for soccer.  The first one that I wrote about earlier, is the only one that we stayed dry for. The last one, I had to end practice 15 minutes early due to lightning, though the girls did not understand why.  A good thing about practicing on a basketball court is that the ground does not get torn up or muddy, and there is a limit to how slippery it gets.
I'm down to 19 girls, only one of which is a complete beginner.  (I'm still having to teach the rules and basics of the games to most of them.  Things like kick off and throw-ins are a few of the things I've covered.)  I told the girls at the 2nd practice that I would keep everyone on the team, but I might have to limit who goes to the matches once we have them.
The athletic director found an empty dorm room for sports equipment storage, so I no longer have to carry the bags up the mountain.  By the way, it is a 40 minute hike from the practice field to where we live.  There are 2 players besides Zibby that walk most of the way with us.
Today, Sunday, we are having an informal practice on Hanson field.  I figure we need to get on a field where we can play with 11 on a side before we are ready for a match, or friendly as it is called here.

We had 4 girls from the senior team join us for our scrimmage.  Hanson field is still torn up.  There are no lines, no nets on the goals, cows and construction workers.  The game was fun, though we had to dodge the cow piles.  The cows left after a few balls got kicked their way.

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