Sunday, December 27, 2015

Our day at ElephantsWorld, where we work for the elephants.
Feed the elephants.

Cook for the elephants.

Watch the elephants play.

Feed the elephants again.

Wash the elephants.

Feed the elephants some more.

Put the elephants to bed.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015

Been outdoors for awhile

We have been out of touch for awhile.  Our family went on a week long trek, we were back for a week, then Gregg and I were off on another week long trek for Activity Week, while our kids each had their own activities with their classes.  Oscar lived in a village, Zibby stayed at a camp, and Felix had day hikes, and an overnight at Hanifl Center.  Thanks Mom for looking after our boy while we were out trekking.
Roughly 90km total distance, and elevation change of 5,000ft each trek.  Here are some of our photos.
 First trek- Har Ki Dun with the Crider family = 9 kids, 4 adults.  Below are the 9.

 A view of where we were headed.
We hiked along the Supin River for the first day and a half.

 Local animals.
 Protection from the leopards.

 Mountain villagers carrying winter feed for their animals.
 The horse that the kids took turns riding to rest their legs.


 Playing games as we recover from our climb.

 The "lake."

 Campfire at sunset.
 The whole gang.

2nd trek- Kedar Kantha with 21 10th graders = 21 "kids", 3 adults. Group with guides below.
Silly kids.

We had 4 dogs join us on our trek.  This is the one that peed on our tent.
 Hail storm struck just after we got our tent erected.
 After the storm, we were treated with a magnificent view of the Himalayans.

 This student lost the soles to her boots on the bus ride to Sankri.  We used tape for the first 2 days, but the tape wore out, and she hiked without her soles.
 The road out, had several streams that flowed over the road- no bridge, just the jeep and rocks.