Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Walk Down

Every school day, Zibby, Felix, Gregg, and I walk down to Woodstock, about a 20 minute walk.  Walking up takes a bit longer, usually around 30 minutes. Gregg and I will walk back up after dropping off the kids, then walk back down in the afternoon to pick up the kids and walk back up with them.  We are getting into better shape, and shedding a few of those pounds we didn't need.

On our walk down to school we are sometimes joined by Shrushti who lives at Bethany where we are staying, and sometimes we are joined by Varus who lives just below Bethany.  Gregg wanted to share our walk down.  Everyday is a bit different, but you get the idea of the paths, people, and animals.  In the first video, we get some excellent footage of some Langur monkeys.  The second video, after we have arrived at Woodstock, we see Oscar.  Make sure you have your sound on so you can enjoy Gregg's colorful commentary.


  1. Whoa! That was really cool! Thanks for sharing. Looks like we need to send you a pedometer and shoe shine!!

  2. Neat experiencing the walk with you guys! Thanks for the exercise!