Saturday, August 15, 2015

A soggy start to soccer

Gregg and I are coaching the 5th through 8th grade soccer team again this year.  It was a bit easier this year knowing what to expect for practice space, and having a system for equipment.  Our first week of practice, we got a bit wet- welcome to monsoon season in India.

Independence Day

69th Indian Independence Day (and South Korean Day of Independence)

Kerry and Gregg on our balcony after an afternoon of serving dinner to the service staff of Woodstock.

11th and 12th graders standing for the Korean National Anthem.

On our way down to AlterRidge to serve dinner to the service employees.

Felix with Titu at the Independence Day lunch in the quad.

Gregg and my 9th grade advisor group.

Zibby with Gauri

Oscar with Buzz and 

Beautiful sarees.  Kerry with Linda, Sonya, and Rachel.

Gregg with Kutty

Zibby with Uma.

A family shot.