Monday, March 30, 2015

Indian Music Concert

Wow, it feels like the end of a school year.  Saturday night we saw the spring drama, Metamorphosis, a collection of short greek stories.  Sunday night we went to Easter chapel.  Tonight (Monday) we attended the Indian Music Concert.  The special treat for the concert was that Felix played the tabla in the concert.  He has been going to school early 2 morning almost every week this school year.  His goal is to eventually learn to play the sitar, but tabla is were every student starts.  Here is a video of his part of the concert.  The concert was a bit long, so feel happy it is not on the blog in its entirety.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Outdoor Learning Weekend

Today, Friday, is the start of Woodstock's Outdoor Learning Weekend.  I didn't get information about what kids were doing until yesterday- part of the poor communication here- but it appears that things were planned well.  It sounds kind of exciting.  There is a group at Hanifl Center doing a Wilderness First Aid course, a group going to Nag Tibba (one of the few overnight groups), a group going various places with the music teachers to collect rhythmic sounds to make into an original composition, a group going to Flag Hill to look at elevation, a group going to Dunda to build a path for the village, a group going to Everest House and exploring Mussoorie's history, a group going to an art festival to paint a mural...  And that is all that I heard about, there are more.

Gregg and I were asked yesterday evening to join a group, but we decided to stick together today and maybe go see if we can find a rug in the bazaar, and make sure our youngest has a parent to pick him up after school.  The school is already sounding empty, only the younger years to make noise.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blecher Hill

Wednesday, 11th of March we enjoyed a hike to Blecher Hill.  Mark Windsor "guided" us along with his wife and nephew and a visiting family from Canada.  The views were amazing, and the company was top notch.
 Sara, Gregor, Anika, Finn, and Tally traveling the world for the year found their way to Mussoorie.

 Water management.

 Putting Gregg's ankle to the test.
Back at the quad on our bench.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Crazy Mountain Weather

7:30am, view of Doon Valley walking to school...

 9:30am, blue sky walking to CharDukan...
2:30pm hail storm #11 almost time to return to school...
3:00pm, end of the storm for the walk to school to pick up the kids...

4:30pm, clearing skies for the walk home from school...

8pm, power flickering on and off despite the back up generator.  Hmmm, this is some pretty crazy weather.