Saturday, August 9, 2014

Guitars made in India

Indian Independence Day is on August 15th.  There is a day off school, and a celebration here with a flag raising, where everyone is encouraged to dress in their National Costumes, or in Indian National Costumes.  I'm not sure that blue jeans, T-shirts, and baseball hats qualify as an appropriate US National Costume, so Gregg and I are off to Fabindia to buy some salwar kameez and kurtas.  We could have some made, but we've been warned that the local tailors are a bit slow, and if there are adjustments needed, we may not have things when we want them.  The pre stitched kurtas have sleeves too short for Gregg's arms, and kids sizes are not easy to find.

On our return, to Landour, we stopped for a visit at a guitar workshop.  We met new Woodstock family that has a boy in Felix's class.  They have been living in Rajpur India for I think 7 years now where they both run successful businesses.  Mel has several sights with women making handicrafts such as bags which she sells to companies like Tom's.  Dave is a luthier, and has a workshop where he practices his craft.  This is where we stopped.  His employees/craftsmen are men who have successfully complete treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.  This is a win-win situation.  Dave has a crew of inexpensive skilled labor, and the laborers he employes have learned a skill and have employment.  Everyone seemed to be happy to be there and enjoy their work.
It is remarkable to see any skilled craftsmen, and fun to see the creative process.

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