Friday, August 22, 2014

Cows do climb hills

Yes, cows do climb hills, walk down roads, and beg for treats.  Holy cows.  Cows are an important food source, but not for their meat.  Indians eat lots of dairy products- milk, curd (yogurt), ghee (butter), and certain breeds of cattle are used for plowing.  Perhaps the origin of the Hindu "holiness" of cows comes from a time when Hindus did eat beef, several thousand years ago.  Monks not wanting their cows being stolen, started the association of cows with Lord Krishna, or the idea of cows being the mother of all.  Now, cows wander and beg and are still an important food source and plow beast.  

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  1. A good read - "Holy Cow, and Indian Adventure" by Sarah Macdonald 2002