Saturday, July 26, 2014

Views of and from Bethany

It is monsoon season.  We expect rain everyday, carry an umbrella, and expect towels to be damp, and are careful of slippery patches on the slopes of the paths.  Yesterday the sun cam out and everyone went outside to bask a bit.  Here is what we saw from the balcony off our rooms.


We are staying at LaVilla Bethany.  We have a lounge which connects the 3 bedrooms, balcony and conservatory where the kids have found room to play with their legos.
  A few hours later, the clouds moved in.  The kids have enjoyed jumping through and catching the clouds.  You can see the clouds just above the roof.  The balcony is to the left, the conservatory is the bank of windows to the right.  

 Below is the contrast of clouds and no clouds.  The tree is covered in ferns, which because it is monsoons are green.  We have been told that when the ferns turn brown, monsoons are over.

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