Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Land of Contrasts

Such beauty we see on our daily walks around the  hill top.
 Yet, from the same spot, just turn the camera down, we see ugliness.  
I've talked with a few people that live here.  The garbage "problem" is a cultural one.  Indians keep their home clean, but outside their home, it is not theirs to care about.  "They will pick up the garbage in their house and put it in the next house." A quote from 2 independent sources.  I think Gregg and I are going to start carrying a bag with, and maybe some gloves.  A garbage free walk would be so much more enjoyable.  I know we cannot move a mountain, but maybe we can shift  a few rocks.


  1. Great idea - set an example and move a few rocks. I thought Mussoorie had a somewhat effective trash policy going. Maybe not. This is better than it could be!!!!

  2. Good luck!!! I hope a few other people will be inspired to move a few with you!