Wednesday, July 30, 2014


A big Thank-you to the Roberts family.  They have treated us like family.  Things happen a bit differently here in India, and it is a welcome feeling to know that we have someone that will hold our hands through the process.  Eric keeps telling us that we do not have to say thank-you, but I'm not sure how else to express our gratitude.

We were introduced to a banker so we could begin the process of opening a local bank account.  Our paperwork still needs to travel to Bombay and back before we will have an account number.  If everything goes well, that will be in 8-10 days.  Once we have an account we will write a check from our US account, then wait 3 weeks for the money to make it into our account.  We could have money wired, but even that sounds like it will take a couple weeks before we will have access to it here.  No worries though, the ATM at Woodstock works, and we have money.

Mr. Roberts also secured a couple SIM card for us.  We brought along a couple of my brother, Darren's, old iPhones which he unlocked for us.  Today we went down to the bazaar with the Robert's daughter.  She helped us pay for some talk and data time for our phones.  We will still have to wait a few days for the phones to be activated before we can use them.  Have I mentioned that things happen at a different pace in India?

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  1. The Roberts have been helpful to Alumni and friends for many years. Three cheers for Monica, Eric and Aradhana.