Saturday, September 20, 2014

work in progress

Where to start where to start?  Kerry has been carrying us so far and now it's time for Zibby, Felix and myself to contribute.  So much has been shared and yet there's so much more to this journey.  It's been almost two months now and our family has made great progress in adapting to the environment, both educational and living day to day.  The most challenging is accepting, we are learning to accept our own selves and accept that which surrounds us.

Speaking of surrounding, this picture is taken of a tree just off our deck area.  The tree has fern's that grow out of the tree and live because of moisture.  During monsoon season ferns are green and healthy.  They grow everywhere in this area, all over every tree, out of the rocks, I mean everywhere. When we first arrived the caretaker of our living quarters clearly stated to me, "the ferns well change color when the monsoon season will end"  Direct quote.  SO, this picture gives you an idea of the green, to yellow eventually browning color of the ferns right now.  OH GOSH do I feel good seeing this.  To wake up everyday looking for the color change.  This means sunshine and nice weather.  It's so amazing how mother nature has her own indicators of weather!

This past weekend we took a nice comforting hike up to a hill called FLAG HILL!  A hill around here is generally around 8,000 feet above sea level, so you can imagine the effort it takes to hike both with breathing and physically exerting.  Kerry and I enjoy it from the planning to implementing, Zibby and Felix on the other hand take a short time to get into it.  

On our way up to Flag Hill we decided to walk through Hanifl Center.  Pictured her is the dedication plague for the center, and yes Paul and Suzanne (Kerry's parents) built this education center.  It is a absolute wonderful place.  I'm sure you'll here more later about who, what and why.
Kerry, Zibby and Felix in front of Hanifl Center

A small hut was just off the road as we walked up Tehri road as we searched for the entrance to climb Flag hill.

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