Saturday, September 20, 2014

Just another Saturday

Our Saturday started with a bit of a sleep in.  Of course, the dogs do not acknowledge that it is Saturday, so it becomes more like they call it here and in the UK a lie in, because we are in bed relaxing, but not sleeping.  Zibby and Gregg were up the hill at 8am to the Chukker (the road above Bethany) to register Zibby for her cross country meet which Woodstock was hosting.  They came back to join Felix and I for breakfast.  Zibby dashed off to watch some of the earlier races and hang with her friends.  Her race started at 9:45, 2.5km around the big Chukker.

Side note:  The Chukker is a road that has two loops, with a short connector in-between, that form a kind of figure 8.  Bethany is in the middle along with the Kellog church.  The big Chukker includes Char Dukan (translation, 4 shops) where Gregg and I take our Hindi lessons and eat lunch, but is also a destination for the weekend crowd.  The little Chukker, 1.2km, has Dev Dar Woods restaurant and Inn and Sister's Bazar.  Sister's Bazar only a few shops, but the important one is Prakash's.  Prakash's shop is a grocery store with imports and locally made goods.  He sells his own cheese, home baked breads as well as the occasional doughnut and cinnamon roll, and jams and peanut butter.  He also sells imported goods like spaghetti sauce, mustard, and candy.  You'd be surprised how much he can fit into his 200 square foot shop.

Zibby was amazing.  She is not on the cross country team, the 5th and 6th grades only had 1 team member, so they allowed other students to fill in their 8 spots, 4 girls and 4 boys.  She ran the course during the Woodstock all-school cross country run, then again this past Wednesday to try out for the meet.  She insisted on a practice Friday, dragging Felix and I along, but left us in the dust.  She finished 20th out of 40 runners for grade 5 and 6 girls.  
Here she is with her 3 classmates she ran with.  Pippa, who finished 3rd, Zibby, Lily, and Addya.  (The 3 in white are also on the soccer team.)

After watching her race, Felix, Gregg and I left Zibby to watch the next race, and walked down to Woodstock.  Gregg and I had arranged for our Hindi tutor, Rani, to meet Oscar at Woodstock to give him a lesson. Oscar has been struggling with Hindi a bit, but after just 2 lessons with our tutor, his teacher was noticing a big improvement.  Hindi like Chinese, Arabic, or Thai, is truly a foreign language, since it has a completely different script.  Oscar, like Gregg and me, has struggled with learning the new alphabet along with the new words and grammar.  Gregg and I also took a lesson with Rani before we caught a cab up to Char Dukan.

We walked to Bethany where Zibby was kind of working on homework and had lunch.  Thanks Grandpa for sending beef stroganoff, it made a good lunch.

The rest of the afternoon was homework and vegging.  We walked back to Char Dukan to meet Mark and Annie, a Woodstock couple, for dinner.  We walked some more down to Doma's restaurant.  Doma's is a Tibetan/Chinese restaurant that we haven't eaten at until tonight.  The service, like the food was inconsistent.  The kids were not impressed with their mo mos, but Gregg's meal of noodles, chicken, veggies, and nuts in a soup was well worth the trip.

The kids and Gregg watched X-Men, while read some email, watched some of the movie, and wrote this blog.  Good night!

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