Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Let the classes begin

The kids are up, mostly, on this morning of the first day of school.  Yesterday we had a day of Welcome Retreat with the students, but today we start classes.

I'm starting to figure out why students here feel they have no free time.  As a teacher, my free time is dwindling.  There are classes, but then there is also advisor group, study hall, passage (after school activities), and more extras.  Extras include house activities, committees, music concerts...
It will be my job this year to do enough, and not over do.

The part of teaching I'm most looking forward to, is advisory.  Gregg and I have been assigned 8 9th grade students.  I do not have them as a teacher, but in a type of homeroom.  They are the ones that we will be inviting over to our home, check up on their grades, parenting.  So it looks like our family just got larger.

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