Thursday, May 28, 2015

Party, party, party

There seemed to be a lot of reasons for a party.  Birthdays are a big todo, but so is wishing our friends farewell (boarding school always has new people to meet in the the fall, and friends to say goodbye to in the spring).
Felix as Hammer Bro at a friend's Mario themed party.

Zibby eating up all the watermelon at Felix's birthday party.

Capture the flag with the 3rd and 4th grade boys.

Scorpion, who is the killer?

 Zibby hosted a party to say goodbye to a good friend, Pippa.  The hillside (those not in boarding) 6th grade girls added Zibby to their group this year, changing their name from Apple, APPL (Aadya, Pippa, Paloma, Lily) to Apples, APPLZ (Aadya, Pippa, Paloma, Lily, Zibby).
Lily, Paloma, Zibby, Pippa, Aadya.

Zibby playing her new favorite party game with Sour Punks.

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