Thursday, March 12, 2015

Outdoor Learning Weekend

Today, Friday, is the start of Woodstock's Outdoor Learning Weekend.  I didn't get information about what kids were doing until yesterday- part of the poor communication here- but it appears that things were planned well.  It sounds kind of exciting.  There is a group at Hanifl Center doing a Wilderness First Aid course, a group going to Nag Tibba (one of the few overnight groups), a group going various places with the music teachers to collect rhythmic sounds to make into an original composition, a group going to Flag Hill to look at elevation, a group going to Dunda to build a path for the village, a group going to Everest House and exploring Mussoorie's history, a group going to an art festival to paint a mural...  And that is all that I heard about, there are more.

Gregg and I were asked yesterday evening to join a group, but we decided to stick together today and maybe go see if we can find a rug in the bazaar, and make sure our youngest has a parent to pick him up after school.  The school is already sounding empty, only the younger years to make noise.

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