Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving.  We had our first "celebration" with my mom and dad on Sunday.  We roasted lamb and sweet potatoes and enjoyed some family time watching "The King and I".  We will have Thanksgiving lunch at Woodstock with the all the students, and will stop by a friends house for some pumpkin pie and wine after Oscars Fall Choir Concert tonight.  We will skip the big celebration on Saturday with the rest of the expats, instead we will travel to Dehradun with the girls soccer team to play against Hopetown Girls School.  Next Saturday, we will participate in the chili cook-off- I think I have the contest in the bag.  My dad brought some freeze dried ground beef- beef is something that is virtually impossible to find in India.  Hopefully we will get a chance to decorate gingerbread houses, this depends on my baking the gingerbread and our friends securing the decorations.

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  1. it is fun to read your blog and vicariously share in your family adventure.Your Mom and I spent many years on these same paths. Barb Austin